Clean up the planet :All Air-compressors should be Oilfree Compressors

Clean up the planet :All Air-compressors should be Oilfree Compressors

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Oillubricated Air compressors worldwide are responsible for alot of airpollution.  Compressed Air, produced by an Oillubricated screw compressor contains minimum 2ppm of Oil up to 10ppm.  As ambient temperature rises, the content of oil  increases.

The compressed air is released in the environment including the oil. The oil is inhaled by the workers of the factory or lands in the soil, contaminating.  This happens globally.

This can be eliminated by switching to Oil-free Compressors.

Depending on the capacity, Oilfree compressors should be used, classified as Class Zero.  For small capacity up to 22kW/30HP, Dry Piston or Oilfree scroll can be used. Medium capacity up to 110kW/150HP, Waterlubricated screw or Oil-free industrial pistons are a good choice, for larger capacity Dry screw and Centrifugal compressors are Oil-free.

The ultimate solution for capacities above 110kW/150HP  are the High Speed Turbo compressors with Class Zero PLUS purity.

Thanks to Elgi to highlight !

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