Chris Lybaert

I spent my whole career in the Air-Compressor business for almost 30yrs. My belief is that Compressed Air should always be Oil-free and that it should be affordable at a lower cost than todays offering.

I have been active, from Research to Operations to Sales and Service and world-wide Business Development. After 28 years of working with a leader in the compressed air equipment Atlas Copco, I am convinced that the cost of Oil-free compressed air can be much lower.

My passion is to contribute to society, in reducing the energy consumed by the Compressed Air in the industry, which is larger than 10% of the total amount of energy consumed. Unfortunately, many users are being mislead by the vast amount of twisted information, and statements being used. The current business model in the compressed air industry is to increase compressor manufacturer revenue and profits and not the reduction of the energy !

Why Oil-free compression matters : only because an oil-flooded compressor is sold at a lower price or an oil-free compressor is sold at a higher price, customers tend to select the cheapest compressor. The result is that more than 2ppm of oil in the compressed air and tons of waste of oil being produced.

With Engineering services offered, we believe that we can contribute at defining better efficiency Compressed Air systems. Our experience and knowledge in the Compressed Air business can help the industry in saving energy by the right selection of the different air compressors and auxiliaries.

Why we use an unconventional approach ? Because our drive is to reduce carbon footprint targets and we are not driven by pure commercial targets.